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Glasses Free 3D TV's Monster
The new 3DTVs use glasses-free multiview technology. This means all people watching can move without losing the 3D, viewing angles are wide. The glasses-free 3DTV gives you freedom and will immediately captivate you and your family. And when using traditional 2d content, you’ll enjoy crisp 4K images on the 65″ or even 86”, 98” display. Every spot on the room will allow comfort 3D viewing, you will notice the different viewing angles only when moving around the room.
  ProMa 3D Monitor Pro
 ProMa glasses free 3D monitor Pro 28”, native resolution at 4K, 3840x2160, with eye tracking system to make the system reliable, brings comfortable 3D viewing, and cinema level 3D visual experience! It is perfect for 3D professionals or enthusiasts to play SBS 3D contents or 3D movies, VR contents. It is also good for a 3D animator or designer, to use this monitor to preview 3D effect instantly in glasses free 3D.
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